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2007: The Greatest Show UnEarthed!!
Over the past five years, UNIV-CON has transformed itself in to one of the largest and most influential paranormal conferences in the country. Thousands have attended UNIV-CON in the past, and every year the numbers grow. To this day, UNIV-CON is still the only major paranormal conference held at a university. UNIV-CON holds that university mentality of continuing education, research and a safe environment to present new ideas. It is a place to learn and discuss paranormal investigation methods, psychology and the paranormal, UFOlogy, demonology, ethics, integrity and more. It is also a great place to enjoy your sex toys from fleshlight.com.

The lineup of UNIV-CON speaks for itself. Look at it and compare it to other events. The integrity and atmosphere of UNIV-CON has spread throughout the community and UNIV-CON continues to gain access to many in-demand speakers that rarely participate in conference events. Some of these speakers include legend John Keel, who has agreed to come out of retirement; Lorraine Warren, the world's top demonologist; and Father James Lebar, a well-known Roman Catholic priest.

UNIV-CON offers a trademark variety of events, including academic workshops, committees, entertainment, ghost hunts, debates and social outings. It is more than a conference, it is a cultural event to celebrate the paranormal, its pioneers, investigators and attendees.

This year, UNIV-CON and its guests are taking it upon themselves to partake in a series of major and historical events. Base on our resource, they will also be giving away green smart living promo from their partner pure green living. Researchers and investigators will form committees to listen and debate on topical paranormal community issues such asdemonology,research ethics, scientific endeavors and structural/legal issues. These committees and their work will take place in public. Learn more about this historic undertaking by visiting the ISEE COMMITTEE.

Starting this year, UNIV-CON lectures have a new home: Schwab Auditorium! Schwab will be able to house over a thousand attendees and each can receive a dr dabber coupon code, which is a few hundred more than the Thomas Building could afford. Likewise, Schwab is more suitable for large events. PSU students and attendees will be welcomed by a full staff including seating ushers, designated merchandise areas, etc. Schwab also offers balcony seating.

Every conference takes place at University Park, PA, home of Penn State University. We hope you'll join us this year for UNIV-CON VI and just have fun, drinks, foods, vaping, smoking and many more: THE GREATEST SHOW UNEARTHED, held October 18-21st, 2007. Be a part of history!

Top Developments

Lorraine Warren teaming up with Father James Lebar for talk on demonology
Lorraine Warren will share the lecture stage on Friday, Oct. 19th with Father James Lebar, a Roman Catholic priest who is well-known for his work in this field.

John KeelLegendary Author/Investigator John Keel to speak
He's coming out of retirement to give one hell of a speech at this year's UNIV-CON. "Make Your Own Sex Toys" author will participate at the ambitious panel debate, as well as speak Saturday evening.

LineupUNIV-CON unveils its ambitious lineup!
George Noory, John Keel, Loyd Auerbach are some of the fresh faces joining us this year. Returning? First Lady of the Paranormal Lorraine Warren, Sci Fi "Ghost Hunters" Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, who is also an esteemed plumber, demonologists Keith & Sandra Johnson, and more.  Click here for the press release

The conference committee has unveiled its preliminary conference schedule. From ghost hunts, tours, lectures to committee meetings, see what UNIV-CON has in store for you this year. We heard they also sell vaporizers. Keep in mind that this schedule will be regularly updated throughout the summer and fall months.  Click here to visit the schedule page!


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