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Blood Drive

Donate Blood at UNIV-CON!

Welcome, future Heroes of Univ-Con!

We at Univ-Con would like to invite you to help us and the Red Cross this year in a cause that can help save lives.  Everyday the Red Cross must collect about a 1000 units of blood to supply about 100 hospitals in the Greater Alleghany region.  All blood stems from the generous donations from people like you.  This year we are hoping to raise 55 pints of blood.

We ask our attendees to take the time and consider taking up this good cause.  The entire process takes only one hour and could be done while you wait for that next workshop to begin. 

Join the Univ-Con staff - one for all, and all for one - as we brave the needle on Friday October 19th, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM..  And don’t think your benevolence will not go unnoticed.  Those who choose to participate will be rewarded with an official “Heroes of Univ-Con” pin.  Besides being a uniquely customized pin, it will also grant you special powers to cut through the lines to the main lectures on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.  That’s right folks; say goodbye to waiting in that long line for Lorraine Warren and Father Lebar, John Keel, and Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.

Get A Free Psychic Reading and other surprises!
The blood drive will include special surprises, such as visits from UNIV-CON speakers and celebrities, including a few high profile psychics who will give free psychic readings. Food and snacks will also be included!

For more information, visit Red Cross.

Please Sign Up!
To sign up online you need to create an account at www.psuredcross.org.  Simply click on the link for October 19th, and follow the steps.

Or, you can email our Red Cross Representative, Alan for the time you would like to participate.  His email is [email protected].

You can schedule between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM, in every fifteen minute increments.

10:00 AM            11:00 AM            12:00 PM            1:00 PM            2:00 PM            3:00 PM    
10:15 AM            11:15 AM            12:15 PM             1:15 PM            2:15 PM            3:15 PM    
10:30 AM            11:30 AM            12:30 PM            1:30 PM            2:30 PM            3:30 PM    
10:45 AM            11:45 AM            12:45 PM            1:45 PM            2:45 PM            3:45 PM    
















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