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Frequently Asked Questions
Here you will find the most frequently asked questions regarding UNIV-CON and ticket purchases, as well as their answers.  If you do not see your question here, you should email [email protected] with any concerns before purchasing a ticket!

QUESTION: I'm only going to be there for the weekend events.  Isn't there a cheaper ticket for people only going for the weekend and not Thursday and/or Friday?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, no.  In previous years, we DID offer smaller passes but it was more confusing than beneficial. But the more important question is, why would you only want to come for Saturday and Sunday???


QUESTION: Can I show up to the conference and purchase tickets there?

ANSWER: Absolutely.  Keep in mind, you will be buying the standard, full conference pass. We will be offering door admissions for the evening lecture events, but those will not be determined until the week of the conference.  Please check the schedule pages to find out where UNIV-CON headquarters will be during the conference, as it will change rooms depending on the day.


QUESTION: I want to go to the conference but I won't be able to pay or choose not to pay until the week of the event!  How can I obtain my ticket and packets?

ANSWER: This is not a problem at all.  There will be emails sent out to everyone, that give basic information.  There will be a designated information room where you can pick up ticket ID's and your packets.  If you are traveling to the area, we can also arrange to have them dropped off at your hotel before you arrive.  There is an additional small fee for this service.  You may also purchase tickets at the conference itself.  But remember, there is a limited supply.


QUESTION: I represent a paranormal organization/student group from another campus/ a group of interested people and we want to know if there is a group discount?

ANSWER: Yes, there is. Groups of six or more get a 10% discount. You can purchase group tickets at the ticket center. Students from other campuses should email [email protected]


QUESTION: What if I am unable to attend the conference for whatever reason AFTER I purchased my ticket?  Why can't I have a refund?

ANSWER:  PRS is required to pay up to 60% of the conference on its own, as well as additional advertising and expenses.  Therefore, when you purchase a ticket, it automatically gets pooled into a budgetary system and divided up in many ways.  If you do not claim your tickets, however, you may be eligible for passes in the equal amount you paid for this year, for the 2008 UNIV-CON.  Again, we do not offer refunds, unless the event is cancelled.


QUESTION:  What if the event is cancelled?

ANSWER: Only if UNIV-CON is cancelled completely, will we then give full refunds.  We are not expecting this to happen, however, it always remains a possibility.


QUESTION: I wish to hold my own workshop during the conference.  Am I allowed?

ANSWER: Yes, only if you have purchased a ticket.  UNIV-CON & Penn State PRS are offering free conference rooms and classrooms for its guests.  You can learn more about this under the "WORKSHOPS" tab on the left-hand index bar of this page.


QUESTION:  It says that full-passes do not allow us to go into speaker receptions, as well as some additional private events.  Why not?

ANSWER: Speaker receptions are private and people are only allowed in with a special invitation that is mailed out or given by the UNIV-CON staff.  It's not that we're trying to seclude guests from the speakers, its just that after a speaking engagement, the lecturers are given the opportunity to relax with their friends, family and PSU faculty.  Speakers will be available to guests at many other times.  As for private events, for whatever reason they are private, privacy is respected.  Some rooms will be closed to only UNIV-CON and PRS members.  Some workshops will also be closed off and by 'invitation only'.  These invitation only rooms are more than likely from guests such as yourself, who wish to have a closed discussion with a select amount of people.  A few other workshops are open to only paranormal organization leaders, etc.  Overall, however, we apologize if this upsets you.  However, it must be noted that you are not paying for these closed workshops.


QUESTION:  Okay, how do I get special invitations to these closed events?

ANSWER: You must be invited by authorized parties of PRS, or the speakers itself.  There will be a limited number of invitations for each reception (generally 15-20), and they will be handed out accordingly.  Usually invitations go out to distinguished guests, professors of the university, etc.  In order to gain access to a private workshop, you must gain permission from those holding the event.  You yourself, as a paid guest, are eligible to hold private and public workshops too.


QUESTION: I'm a PSU student.  When can I get my free passes?

ANSWER: PSU students will be able to show up at the door.  However, you MUST PRESENT A VALID PSU STUDENT ID in order to gain admission. 

Still can't find the answer?  Call 814-689-2133 or email the conference manager at [email protected]

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