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Ghost Tours

Take a Haunted Stroll...

Penn State Ghost Tours10.09.06
Thursday, Oct. 18th, 10:30pm
Friday, Oct. 19th, 10:30pm
Saturday, Oct. 20th, 10:30pm

Be Scared...
In the casual mood to just tour the haunts on campus? Perhaps you want to take that special someone with you to stroll across the campus at midnight? UNIV-CON's got ya covered!

Follow our tour guides for a half-hour of fun and story-telling across one of the oldest campuses in the nation. From unsolved murders to Civil War ghosts, there's enough ghosts and history to go around!

The haunted trolley ride will be comfortable, entertaining and even a little spooky!

Read Articles of Penn State's haunts...
Want to check for yourself just how rich Penn State is with haunts? No problem. We've put together a small compilation just for you. Research before you tour!

Haunted: Penn State Legends

Group Searches Schwab for Paranormal Activity







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