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Hotel Info

Motel 6: Got Ya CoveredMotel 6
About the hotel: Motel 6 has once again opted to be the official UNIV-CON hotel for attendees. Motel 6 in State College was rated the best Motel 6 in the country. It's conveniently only a mile or so away from campus.

This year Motel 6 has offered us several different packages to give our attendees.  Lets show them what a building with paranormal enthusiasts and educators alike feels like.  Meet and greet with one another, organize car pools to the event, share stories with the staff and just have a great time. 

Get the lowest rates by booking through Univ-Con.
No Prepayment:  You get charged when you check out
Cancel before October 1st without any cancellation fees.  After October 1st cancellation fee is $25.

Motel 6 is conveniently located by a five-minute drive.  There are several parking options for you to choose from.  More information about parking can be found at this page.

 Motel 6       

Motel 6 Packages

Price consists of one room for four-five people. Attendees wanting a Motel 6 UNIV-CON package must download a registration form, found below.

Package #1 – “The Whole Kit and Kaboodle”
Enjoy the ENTIRE conference
Check in: Thursday 10/18/07
Check out: Monday 10/22/07
Total w/ tax: $217.00

Package #2 – “I gotta get back to work.”
Need to get to work on Monday.  Can’t stay the extra night.  Get a great deal with this three nights stay.
Check in: Thursday 10/18/07
Check out: Sunday 10/21/07
Total w/ tax: $179.04

Package #3 – “ I called in sick.”
Sorry boss, I can’t come in to work today.  I got a case of salmonella poisoning. (ask Sergey to tell you an amusing story when that excuse doesn’t always work.)
Check in: Friday 10/19/07
Check out: Monday 10/22/07
Total w/ tax: $179.04

Motel 6 Package Form

Download the Registration Form Word Document

Please download this form and email it to Cinnamon at Motel 6: [email protected]
If for some reason your email gets bounced back please try, [email protected].

Other Hotel Listings

Want to stay elsewhere? A more detailed list of lodging information can be found here.







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