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Deadline for submission: August 15th, 2007

Workshop Schedule will go live sometime in July. For now, scroll down below to read about confirmed workshop topics.

Every year, UNIV-CON pulls together some of the most unique speakers, educators and researchers to assemble the best team of workshop presenters. Almost all speakers are very established amongst the community. Many of them are published authors. UNIV-CON also accepts novice and up-and-coming individuals to hold workshops, using UNIV-CON as a stepping stone to find further success amongst the community. See below for a list of scheduled workshops.

Submitting Proposal to Throw Workshops
Every year, UNIV-CON considers proposals from individuals or groups wanting to throw a workshop or seminar. Keep in mind that 90 - 95% of all workshops come from established individuals or from an invitation by the UNIV-CON committee. However, UNIV-CON leaves open 5 - 10% of its schedule to out-source individuals, people who have exciting new research to provide or unbelievable evidence and stories to share.

UNIV-CON looks for originality and unique content. UNIV-CON gives this opportunity to allow individuals and groups the chance to establish themselves. After all, UNIV-CON is one of the largest paranormal gatherings of any kind in the country.

In the table above, applicants interested in applying for workshop grants will find the appropriate forms. Please keep in mind that less than a handful will be selected. It is also important that you stray away from common subjects such as demonology, psychic ability, or overall how-to's on ghost hunting and paranormal investigating, as UNIV-CON tends to select speakers to fill those subjects way in advance. Your workshop should also have some academic or research merit. For more information, download the workshop application.

Deadline to submit the application is August 15th, 2007.

Current Workshops
The following is a list of confirmed workshops for the 2007 UNIV-CON. Times and dates will be scheduled later in the summer. Feel free to check back regularly for new additions and updates! Workshops are organized by presenter.

Loyd Auerbach

Parapsychology Today – The importance of parapsychology in the paranormal field.

Parapsychology has once been considered a pseudo-science. Over the years, parapsychology dwindled in the limelight within the paranormal field. Now, with the resurgence of psychic investigators, parapsychology is once again, making its way to the top of paranormal research. Join Loyd Auerbach as he discusses the importance of parapsychology and its research in the paranormal field. Auerbach has a masters in parapsychology and has been studying ghosts and hauntings for nearly 3 decades.

Parapsychology Experimentation – Conducting your own tests and experiments.

Join parapsychologist and paranormal investigator, Loyd Auerbach as he educates guests on how to properly conduct experiments and tests within parapsychology and paranormal investigative fields. Auerbach will discuss and teach how to set-up and conduct proper scientific double blind studies to help further the advancement and understanding of the paranormal field. Auerbach will also discuss and show some of his most recent experiments and tests conducted, their outcomes, and the things that he has learned while conducting these tests.

Michelle Belanger

The Vampire Codex:  Shattering the myths and preconceptions of the Vampire Community

Michelle Belanger delves into the mysterious world of the psychic vampire. She will introduce attendees into the fascinating system of energy work used by vampires themselves and discusses the codex widely used by the vampire community for instructions on feeding and many other techniques. Michelle will also examine and discuss the ethics of psychic vampirism and even offers methods of protection against psychic vampires.

Whether you are a non-believer or have a fascination with vampires, Michelle’s workshop on the Vampire Codex will be thought provoking and educational. Don’t worry, no blood will be spilled or taken during this workshop.

Fitting In (Working Title) : Being Goth/Pagan/Vampire in the paranormal community and standard society.

No matter who you are, or who you strive to be, we are all different. Whether we conform to the standards of today’s society or we rebel and strive to be different, we are who we are. We fight to be ourselves while trying to fit into common society.

Belanger will discuss and educate guests on how being different does not mean being shunned from society. She will teach and develop groups to understand each others differences while educating others on how to work alongside one another. This workshop is a great tool for groups to develop their teams and themselves.

Ryan Buell & Jamie Hernandez

- The Paranormal Counselor: Dealing with your Clients

When paranormal investigators go in to homes, they are often well-equipped to document and deal with spectral activity. But what about the clients or victims? More often than not, investigators are finding themselves unable to deal with the difficult, emotional and psychological issues that a client is dealing with. Buell and licensed counselor Hernandez team up to give an important talk that all investigative teams should be a part of.

Buell and Hernandez will cover a lot of ground, dealing with stress, psychological problems, depression, anxiety, hysteria and more. They will also show case studies that demonstrate how to deal with these problems.

Patrick Burns

- EVP 101 – A hands on introduction to the technology used in today’s EVP research during ghost hunting and investigations.

Patrick Burns will take guests to a location for hands on training of their equipment and its uses. For this beginners course, guests will be taken to a haunted location on campus to learn and discuss the differences in the equipment and also attempt to gather EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) in the process. This workshop will be educational and will teach many groups the differences of their equipment and common mistakes made by starting investigators.

- EVP 201 – An advanced, hands on exploration into the technology used in today’s EVP research during ghost hunting and investigations.

In this follow up of Tech 101, Patrick will take guests to a controlled environment and attempt to gather EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) in a controlled, non haunted location on campus, to determine if there are any chances of picking up anomolies on the equipment.

Chip Coffey and Patti Starr

Science and the Sensitive - Using psychics during investigations.

Chip Coffey (psychic medium) and Patti Starr (paranormal investigator) discuss how to use psychics during investigations. They will teach the dos and don’ts of utilizing psychics. They will share how they have worked alongside one another for years studying and documenting the paranormal. This workshop will be a useful tool for those seeking advice on if they want to include possible psychics in their investigations and what to look for

Building a professional and legal organization

Patti Starr will discuss and educate guests on how they can build a strong and professional organization or group by following certain guidelines and offering tips that she has used over the years of investigation. She will discuss the legalities to look for, the opportunities for funding, and even potential dangers to be aware of. This workshop is great for organization leaders or groups that want to build a stronger team, but also want to know the legal side of the paranormal.

Chris Fleming

Tapping Into Your Sixth Sense – Journey to the edge of your mind.

Join Chris Fleming, Co-star of the TV series “Dead Famous” as he attempts to help guests and attendees tap into their psychic selves. Fleming will teach guests how they can tune into their sixth sense and hone and even understand the minds potential. If you feel that you have psychic abilities and don’t know how to control them, Flemings workshop will attempt to do just that. It will also be great for those that do not believe in psychic phenomena to test the boundaries of the human mind and discover new possibilities.

Why are we here? – A deeper look into the soul.

Join Chris Fleming as he discusses his life journeys, the things that he has learned, the communications he has had, and the path we are to lead, all spoken to him from others on the other side. Fleming will attempt to share his knowledge of what he has received from spirits that have passed. He will explain the reasoning into why we exist, and the conversations he has had from those outside of the living realm.

Dr. Dale Graff

- Project Stargate – The truth about remote viewing.

STARGATE is a codename for the operational unit of the DIAs remote viewing program from approximately 1991, until its termination in 1995. Dale Graff is a physicist and a former director of project STARGATE, the government program that investigated remote viewing phenomena. Dale Graff will take guests and attendees on a behind the scenes look into the phenomena of remote viewing and the discoveries he has found as the former director of the project STARGATE.

Dr. David Hufford

- The Terror the Comes in the Night

"Fascinating, original, and convincing, The Terrror That Comes in the Night is one of the most significant books on the paranormal to appear in years. It is destined, I am convinced, to become a classic." - FATE.

"We can be grateful to Hufford not only for a brilliant and exciting look at a misunderstood phenomenon, but also for his calling attention to the blinders worn by all too many in the scientific community." - Western Folklore.

Dr. Hufford has spent years researching claims of paranormal and religious phenomena. He will give a lecture on some of his scientific findings, including hagging syndrome or sleep paralysis - a common experience that many share in the paranormal community, especially the haunted. His results and findings may be surprising to a lot of people.

Keith Johnson

- An Introduction to Demonology

Keith Johnson has been to UNIV-CON many times, and every year, his workshops become more and more crowded, bringing many to theorize that it is a result of paranormal investigators showing more interest in demonology. Johnson will share his expertise in the world of demonology, offering a practical introductory guide of dealing with the demonic from a religious perspective. Johnson has worked with TAPS and appeared on the TV show "Ghost Hunters." He has also worked with PRS and will appear on two different episodes of their upcoming show, "Paranormal State."








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