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About the Committees

ISEE Forms/ Deadline

June 30th - Committee Heads Appointed

August 1st - Committee allows submissions

September 1st - Committee closes submissions.

  More Information Coming Soon.

The ISEE Committees were formed in order to address a variety of topics that are of public concern to the paranormal community at large. They will consist of members within the paranormal community. Headed by a chairperson, the committee will allow for research, debates and proposals to be heard before the general public. The committee, acting on the best interest of the community, and as their representatives, shall submit rulings at the end of their term (October 31st, 2007).

All research, proposals, testimony and eventual rulings (the findings of the committee) shall be released in a bound book, available immediately following the conference. The findings of the committee are considered public domain.

Items of Interest for the 2007 Committee
Every year, the Committee will select a few "items of interest" that they feel are of public concern amongst the paranormal community. The goal of the Committee is to find the best solution or compromise to the issue. This year, there are four committees. Each committee will cover one of these topics:

a) Concerning Demonology
b) Concerning General and Standard Ethics
c) Concerning Structural and Legal Issues of Investigators
d) Concerning Scientific Research and Responsibilities

Soon, these Committees will release their items of interest, and will begin accepting research, proposals, and arguments from the paranormal community. It will be the duty of the Committees to review the research, organize the content of the public proceedings and more.

For example, the General and Standard Ethics Committee might look in to "the rights and ethics of a client." They will create a formal essay describing what they will be looking for, and the community may respond by submitting proposals, arguments or research. This will all be considered in the course of the Committee's deliberations.

First and foremost, the Committees will hold public sessions during the UNIV-CON 2007 dates. The community will be able to take notes and listen in order to ensure that Committee members are acting out in their best interest. Active participation in Committee proceedings, however, are different.

The Committees will adopt their own policies about public participation at events.

Submitting Arguments, Research or Proposals. Anyone from the paranormal community is free to submit research or proposals for the Committee to consider. UNIV-CON will release a time table on when research submissions will be due. Submissions sent after this date will not be accepted.

Submitting Candidacy as Advisor. Each Committee may accept advisors, people who are recognized to have expertise or a valuable wealth of experience and knowledge, in a certain subject. For example, the Structural and Legal Committee might appoint a lawyer to act as a law advisor to help them with legal issues and questions.

Rulings, Publication and Impact
The Committees will make rulings based off of the findings of the Committee, as presented by members of the paranormal community. These findings will be published after the conference. UNIV-CON will make these books available for purchase on its website and at the conference itself. The findings will also be available in electronic form.

It is important for the community to remember that the role of the Committee is to present findings. When we say "ruling," we are referring to their ability to find the best solutions. The Committee has no jurisdiction over the paranormal community. The impact that this Committee has will be up to the paranormal community itself.






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