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Sponsors and Partners


TAPS Paramag

Darkness Radiodarkness radio

Paranormal Research Society, LLC
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Don't Worry About It.Parking
Penn State is equipped to handle large events. UNIV-CON always tries to pick a weekend in October where there are less university events. For the most part, UNIV-CON is THE event that weekend. The links below should help you plan out parking.

HUB Parking

The HUB is where the majority of daily UNIV-CON events will take plae. Parking at the HUB Parking deck is permitted to visitors, costing $1 an hour up until 11:00pm, Monday through Friday. After 11, parking is free.

On Saturday and Sunday, parking is free all day.  Space is limited so get there quickly, just make sure to leave a spot for your favorite conference manager.

Off-Campus Parking

Parking Lots

There are several parking lots littered around the downtown area.  The fee for those parking lots is $.75 cents an hour.  Please check the maps at this link to find locations of the parking lots.

Parking Meters

There are parking meters on College Ave and Beaver Ave.  They take quarters, dimes and nickels.  Parking on the street becomes free after 6:00 PM.

More information on parking can be found here.

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